—Posted in November, 2016

As a teacher and artist I am always experimenting on my students and enjoy sharing my ideas as living research.
Currently, more opportunities to explore creative concepts reveal themselves in an educational context via Creation Aerial, so creative and teaching philosophies become intertwined and students access opportunities to engage as creative subjects in tandem with technical physical training. 

The ROPE WAVE idea has been developed following encounters with choreographers and dancers Ruairí Donovan, Oona Kearney and Aoife McAtamney, indepentently of each other. 

The ROPE WAVE exercise has become central to my current research project Movement, Material and Performance: developing a new methodology for aerial movement supported through a Circus Project Award from the Arts Council of Ireland. 
The project emerges from an interest in developing a more nuanced philosophical and conceptual language around aerial practice, while also examining what makes aerial interesting and unique when considered as 1) separate from an entertainment oriented activity and 2) as very closely related to the technology of industry - fabrication, engineering etc and finally, 3) as ultimately performative, with potential to develop as a physical, spatial performance practice beyond the current context of circus as spectacle. The project draws heavily on my teaching practice as mentioned; conversations and exchanges with contemporary dance practitioners (as above), who have highly developed physical and conceptual creative practice; the technology and skill of fabrication and design - the hardware involved; and finally, the practice of Parkour, which contributes another set of ideas about movement, material and performativity. 

Below are two videos of the ROPE WAVE exercise.
Performed as part of a regular corde lisse class in Creation Aerial school in March 2016, and at the Barcelona Rope Convention as a once of special workshop, August 2016.

More information and writing about this project forthcoming. 
I am inviting an open conversation regarding these ideas as LIVING RESEARCH, so feel free to contact me via for further information, discussion or indeed, to host a ROPE WAVE workshop.