Smiling Devil, Dublin Theatre Festival 2017

—Posted in July, 2017

EMILY AOIBHEANN presents SMILING DEVIL as part of the In Development Strand at Dublin Theatre Festival 2017.

Venue: Dance House 
Duration: Approx. 60mins
Date: October 6th, 3.30pm
Tickets: FREE



… the boiling sulphur of an internal star…
Eyesight blurring,
My hips become the sun itself; my legs are the planets
A conduit to universal force
Like a whirlpool, rising from the bottom of the sea and then up, into space.
A point of origin;
Our alien DNA in sexual union with Earth.
Evolving human consciousness
Of Good and Evil.
In unlikely links between Demons and The Void,
And in consultation with a witch on Instagram
Speaking the so many truths.
In Three chapters,
With Fabricated landscapes,
Bringing attention to
A sense of deep movement.
A vernacular of metronomes and corkscrews.
The lure of gravitational pullings,
From somewhere… out… there…

Emily Aoibheann in collaboration with Liing Heaney, Annique Van Niekerk and Mai Vi.

Image by Liing Heaney, Luis Diaz and Emily Aoibheann.

SMILING DEVIL is partially funded by the Arts Council Circus Project Award.